JCI Eastern

In A Nutshell

The aim of the program is to inspire creativity in primary school aged children and provide a safe environment for self exploration and growth through arts and music. With the help of volunteers and artists, primary school aged children are given the opportunity to learn from established creative artists, experience arts in various forms and improve their confidence in social settings..


It has not always been easy to recruit participants for the program.

While past participants saw the value of Art2Heart, we find it hard to embed it in
communities in a way that it self-generates leads for program referral and enrollment.

This project would require a variety of approaches and strategies in order to ensure its success.


Overcoming Challenges

This challenge has provided us an opportunity to develop and trial several strategies, a perfect way for our members to strengthen their problem-solving capability.

We needed to better understand our target audience and instead of focusing on local primary schools, we further explored local community groups that support those with a disability, migrants and refugees.

Building stronger relationships with these stakeholders will help raise the profile of Art2Heart.

We have had some media exposure with local newspapers in the past, another relationship that could be developed further to highlight the transformative effect of our program on the participants.

This will help bring Art2Heart to life through personal stories.

The many of stakeholders and components the project will provide a great opportunity to improve our project management skills and processes.

With early planning and engagement in the project we can allow stronger relationships to be developed.


Results And Achievements

The program has been run successfully for over 6 years inspiring creativity in 80+ primary school aged children.

The feedback from participants and parents has been very positive:

“A great project for kids to learn via playing. Well and caringly organized. Staff are friendly and supportive. Venue is accessible and playful. Wide range of activities and kids could enjoy and learn. Meaningful project - big thanks.”

Huyen Bui (Parent)

“I love the course and I can be more creative”

Daniel Vo (Participant)