What's In It For Me?

Benefits of being a JCI Member

Over the last 102 years, JCI has transformed the lives of millions of members and non members alike.

But what can JCI do for you personally? Read below for more.

You will meet new like minded people who will become friends for life

You will create a large network of both well established, and up and coming professionals who will support you in your career

You will gain valuable experience from tailored mentoring programs.

You will acquire new skills and talents from intimate workshops with industry experts.

You will have the opportunity to travel all over the world, attending international conferences and having a network of ready-made friends in every major city in the world. Cost doesn't have to be a limiting factor, since travel scholarships are always available.

You will be proud of the positive difference you’ll make in your community, and your amazing contributions will be noticed by your friends, family and community.

Employers are impressed by applicants and employees who are involved with JCI. It demonstrates a commitment to self improvement and leadership for good that will put you ahead of your colleagues or other applicants for your job.

Through getting involved in all 3 of the cornerstones of JCI (professional development, personal development and community work) you will grow as a person and become the best possible version of yourself.