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JCI Brisbane

We are about empowering young people to make a positive change.

For over 100 years, JCI members around the world have acted on one shared belief - the improvement of our society and environment is paramount, not just for us but for future generations too.

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What Is JCI?

Our Mission

Based in the heart of Brisbane, we work closely with a number of different local community organisations throughout the year to deliver impactful programs with a strong focus on personal development through workshops and seminars.

We welcome your participation and look forward to welcoming you to our events.


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How Does JCI Work?

Core Elements of of JCI

Building Lasting Relationships

Meeting like-minded people who have a passion for improvement is at the heart of everything we do – it is what makes JCI so effective in changing the world.

Our regular social and networking events will help you make friends for life and establish meaningful, long lasting professional networks.

Self Development

Through local, national and international leadership roles, you’ll widen your business skill set and gain valuable experience which would be otherwise unavailable to young professionals.

You’ll  be offered opportunities to travel internationally and take advantage of regular professional workshops to ensure you’re always improving, gaining new experience, and having new adventures.

Active Citizenship

Improving our local communities and wider society underpins everything we do.

We create innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by communities at home and around the world.

Our initiatives and fundraisers raise awareness and provide much needed relief for those in need.

Who Is JCI Brisbane?

Our Board

Diego Giraldo

Local President

Karan Pandey

Immediate Past President

Milad Gerayelou

Governance Director

Why Join JCI?

What You'll Gain

JCI Brisbane is committed to providing strong career development opportunities that benefit our members and make a positive impact on the community.

Join a vibrant and exciting team to hone your professional skills in a safe environment
providing genuine experience to build your CV and improve the community in which you live.

Membership with JCI Brisbane provides you:

Access to a number of personal and professional development opportunities

Free or discounted rates to professional development workshops run by JCI Brisbane

Opportunities to participate in exciting community impact projects

Opportunities to gain valuable experience that can build your resume and professional skills

Networking opportunities within the local, national and international organisation

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Click here or email us at brisbanepresident@jciaustralia.org.au