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What is JCI’s mission?

To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Who are JCI members?

Our membership is very diverse – from start-up entrepreneurs to people working in blue chip companies, non-profit organisations and charities. Members share a common passion to challenge and develop themselves.

What are JCI’s main areas?

We run projects and events that combine our four main areas: business, training, community and international.

You can develop your skills in a number of ways, from helping to organise a local charity event to planning a series of business events. And you can meet international JCI members when you travel to events in other countries.

Does it take a lot of time to be involved?

It’s up to you how much you want to or can contribute. Becoming Local President or National President is of course a much greater commitment than taking part in local projects and in committees. One thing is certain – being involved at any level is truly rewarding. And, as with many things, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. The more involved you are, the more satisfaction, confidence and energy you gain.

What training does JCI offer?

JCI offers a broad training programme. We focus on soft skills such as presenting, debating & public speaking and negotiation skills.

How do you support leadership development?

Our members develop their leadership skills by taking on a board or project management role. This prepares them to take on future leadership roles.

What is JCI’s relationship with the United Nations?

JCI is the only NGO permitted to use the UN globe in its logo, after an agreement made in 1954. JCI supports the UN Millennium goals. Our biggest UN project is supporting the Nothing but Nets campaign in the fight again malaria. The campaign raises awareness and much needed funds to provide treated bed nets for sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to donate one million bed nets by 2015.

Is JCI good for my career?

In a word: yes. By meeting new people, you’ll broaden your outlook and understanding. JCI membership will make your resume stand out, because it shows that you are committed to your own personal and professional development.

Many of our members have discovered their passion and found new opportunities through their involvement in JCI. This often leads them to a new career. The soft skills you learn in JCI (public speaking, negotiation, project management etc) will stand you in good stead throughout your career.

Will JCI look good on my Resumé?

Yes. With JCI, you can get involved in projects that will broaden your skill set and improve your talents. Furthermore, regular workshops will improve many areas of your professional life. Employers will notice this and appreciate you taking part in something that is focused on self improvement and career progression.

How can I contribute?

JCI gives you a chance to give back to society by being involved in community projects. You might like the sound of a charity event, a training event led by JCI, or a project with the Prince’s Trust. Membership of JCI is what you make of it. We encourage ‘learning by doing’. Time and again, we find that the more our members put into JCI, the more they get out.

How can I join or start a project team?

Every year, you have the chance to be in a team or take on the role of project manager. It can be to organise a charity event or to coordinate a trip to a JCI event. There will be many opportunities. Talk to your Local President.

Can I get involved in the local JCI board?

Speak to your Local President or anyone on the board. They will tell you what roles are available and how you can apply. Being on the board gives you hands-on experience about the roles and responsibilities of board members, work-flow and processes.

Can I become a Local President?

Each local JCI President leads for one year. It’s the most important leadership role in JCI, and it involves overviewing the chamber activities and events. It’s a great leadership opportunity, and the memory of the experience will stay with you forever. Along with your council, you’ll make a local impact in your community.

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