National Board

Our National Board of Directors works hard to give JCI members the best experience by creating new partnerships, organising national events, and providing support and leadership for local chapters. Meet our National Board.

2019 National Leadership



Sam joined JCI in 2014 and has served on the JCI Australia Board of Directors since 2016. As the 2019 National President and Chair of the Board of Directors, Sam sets the strategic direction of the organisation and oversees the day-to-day operations.

Among his duties in 2019, Sam will represent JCI Australia at the Asia-Pacific National Presidents Meeting in Taiwan, Asia-Pacific Area Conference in Korea, World Congress in Estonia and chair the National Annual General Meeting in Wollongong and National Convention in Melbourne.

Sam is committed to making a positive impact to the community and those around him. He is passionate about achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

Outside of JCI, Sam is a White Ribbon Ambassador and is actively involved in other non-profit organisations. He holds a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering from Monash University.



Sarah is a stakeholder and program management professional and with over 15 years’ experience in the not-for-profit and government sectors both in Australia and the UK. Sarah brings together a business head and empathic heart, giving her the ability to strike mutual benefit in strategic collaborations and business improvement.

Currently, Sarah is a National Director at JCI Australia, responsible for the Governance and Finance portfolio. Along with Immediate Past Local President at JCI Illawarra, mentoring and liaising with the local chapter to ensure a sustainable framework and leadership team.

As a lifelong learner, Sarah graduated the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) with the University of Wollongong’s Sydney Business School in 2016 and look forward to future opportunities to have a purposeful career.



Keirin McCormack (BA Communications- Social Inquiry) is a social inclusion practitioner and strategic consultant with over ten years of experience building, delivering and communicating equity and engagement programs. Keirin works across Higher Education, Advocacy, Not for Profit and Social Enterprise.

Keirin has a passion for advocacy and building the aspirations and inclusion of all community members. Keirin enjoys working with the community towards tangible local solutions that have impact and sustainability, and of course telling their story. Keirin is currently completing her Juris Doctor postgraduate legal qualification.



Initially trained as a medical researcher, Suzi’s career path has traversed from hospitals to graphic design followed by project management and company directorship across various sectors. Currently, Suzi manages Notonos Global, a business consulting firm that helps clients better position themselves by thinking about the future.

Suzi was the Local President of JCI Eastern from 2010 to 2012. She joined the National Board in 2013 and was the National President in 2015.  Internationally, Suzi was appointed to the 2016 JCI UN and External Affairs Committee and was awarded a JCI Senatorship later that year. Being the first female and Australian appointed to JCI Partnership Committee in 2018, Suzi chaired and hosted the 2018 Global Partnership Summit in the UN and New York City.

Suzi holds a doctoral degree in medical sciences from RMIT University, Melbourne and is a qualified project manager and graphic designer.



David has been with JCI since 2016 holding leadership positions locally and now joining the national board. David is a results-driven, strategic leader with a passion for education who thrives leading people to solve complex problems to make a measurable impact. He has extensive international experience working with clients, customers, remote and on-site teams across 16 countries across Asia Pacific, North America, South America and Europe.

David has expertise in business strategy and execution, customer experience, customer engagement, business planning, project life cycles, leading cross-functional international teams, delivering business value and exceeding stakeholder expectations. David is a champion for digital innovation and creativity to fuel success, leading and influencing stakeholders to deliver sustainable and measurable results.



Emory joined JCI Sydney in 2017 and progressed to Local President the following year. 2019 sees Emory as part of the National Board as Director of International Relations serving parallel to her local appointment as JCI Sydney’s Immediate Past President.

With a degree in Sociology and Human Resource Management, Emory strives in interpersonal relationships. She has helped guide JCI Sydney to a level of global recognition and continues to be a key player in the betterment of the re-establishing local organisation.

Emory’s passion is to strengthen international connections and build new friendships around the globe. She has actively represented JCI Australia at five conferences over the past 2 years and looks forward to expanding reach to more local and national organisations.



Meg Cummins immerses herself within community, advocates for youth involvement and works toward UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. She is currently studying a Bachelor Engineering (Civil & Environmental) at the University of Wollongong.

As the youngest State Commissioner for Scouts NSW, Meg strives to increase youth empowerment and represent the voice of youth both nationally and overseas. Meg works to develop 15,000 scouts in NSW through her role coordinating the National Leadership Program within the state and as a member of the National Youth Council, she provided development opportunities to scouting members across Australia.

Meg was instrumental in creating change in Rwanda as Assistant Project Manager in a Humanitarian Engineering project, she also led UOWs Desert Rose Interior Design team to produce a world-class sustainable, dementia-friendly house.

Through her work with JCI, Meg will work to further empower Australia’s young people to be active change-makers in their community.



Kristen has been actively involved in Community Service since 1998, when she signed up to be part of a Refugee Settlement Scheme through the Australian Red Cross. Since that time Kristen has been eager to engage with and advocate for not-for-profit organisations who facilitate programs that produce tangible change for the communities that they operate in. After being introduced to JCI in 2017, the alignment of personal values and JCI principles was clear, and Kristen has been working with the National team to build our presence in Western Australia.
Professionally with over 12 years experience in the Financial Services Industry, Kristen is focused on sharing her knowledge about basic financial literacy and money management with the younger generation, and is currently an Analyst with the CBA – Specialised Agribusiness Solutions Team in Perth. The pursuit of continuous education through study and experience is also a significant focus for our Communications Officer.



Jeffrey has been with JCI since 2018 and is a former Treasurer with JCI Eastern. Currently studying Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, Jeffrey has always believed in empowering people and has put his heart and soul into giving back to the community. He is particularly passionate about advancing Sustainable Development Goals through an economics lens.

Some of Jeffrey’s experiences include:

  • Co-Founder of Folding Our Futures, a social enterprise committed to inspiring the next generation of changemakers through our “Taking Flight” in-school program
  • Leadership positions in World Vision, Oaktree and Habitat for Humanity
  • Not-for-profit Board Member at DeCal (student-run democratic education program) and CAINZ (commerce-centric UMelb club)
  • Spearheaded international sustainability and social impact projects as an Executive at 180 Degrees Consulting and Enactus (UMelb), Consultant at BEACN (Berkeley) and Associate at Microfinance at Berkeley.
  • Offered Dean’s Scholarship to represent UMelb at the National Student Leadership Forum and the University Scholars’ Leadership Symposium (United Nations).