Nepal Earthquake Relief

JCI First Aid Project

In A Nutshell

After learning about the devastating earthquake that took place in Nepal in early 2015, JCI was looking for a practical way to assist with the disaster relief and the rebuilding effort in Nepal by providing first aid kits, as soon as possible, to the areas where they were most needed.


The objective of this project was to provide practical assistance to remote Nepalese communities after the devastating earthquake.

In order to do this we needed to raise money, purchase adequate first aid supplies, and overcome the logistical barriers that had been created by the disaster in order to deliver the supplies.

nepal earthquake relief jci

Plan and Action

A member of JCI Eastern worked for a State Emergency Services Organisation in Victoria, Australia. Through her work, she learned about the logistics in place to send much needed first aid kits to Nepalese communities.

This information was shared with JCI Eastern members decided to leverage government’s distribution network to provide practical assistance to remote Nepalese communities by donating first aid kits.


JCI Eastern organised a Nepal Earthquake Relief effort, which was launched in early May at the 2015 JCI Australia AGM in Melbourne.

With the support of generous donors and through a matching program, the Nepal Earthquake Relief purchased 113 small first aid kits for donation to remote Nepalese communities to assist with their on-going rebuilding effort.

Detailed Actions

  • A logistic network was established to ensure donation of first aid kits to Nepal was possible.
  • JCI Eastern was able to source a specific type of first aid kit that cost $6 each. Identification of this specific type of first aid kits allowed them to design a fundraising campaign helping donors to visualise what their money were used for.
  • An ongoing promotional campaign took place via email, social media and at public forums.
  • The impact of the campaign was maximised through a “matching program”. This involved JCI Eastern donating 1 first aid kit for every donation of a first kit received.
  • The fundraising period was from early May to the end of July 2015. In total, 113 first aid kits were purchased for donation.
  • Donated first aid kits were sent to Nepal through the established distribution network by the State Emergency Services Organisation.