JCI Australia Privacy Policy

October 2021

This Privacy Policy applies to JCI Australia(we, us, our) in relation to our operations and explains how we handle personal information.  If you have further questions relating to this Privacy Policy, please contact us.

We recognise the importance of your privacy, and that you have a right to control how your personal information is collected and used.  

  1. Introduction

1.1 Personal information collected by JCI Australia is protected by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).  In this Privacy Policy, “personal information” has the meaning set out in the Privacy Act. Essentially, personal information is information or an opinion about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

1.2 This Privacy Policy sets out JCI Australia’s policies on the management of personal information, including how we collect personal information, the purposes for which we use this information, and to whom this information is disclosed. 

  1. What types of personal information does JCI Australia collect?

2.1 The types of personal information JCI Australia collects from you depend on the circumstances in which the information is collected. For members and people seeking to attend a JCI Australia event, JCI Australia may collect contact details including your name, prefix, gender, organisation details/education institution, address, job title, email address and phone number.   

2,.2 For users of our website or that interact with JCI Australia via social media we may also collect the content you choose to provide and as applicable website usage information such as the IP address you are using, the name of your Internet service provider, your browser version, the website that referred you to us and the next website you go to, the pages you request, the date and time of those requests and the country you are in.  

2.3 For users of our Mobile apps, we collect personal data from you, including, but not limited to, e-mail address, name, job title, organisation name, interests, values and hobbies. Additionally, provided you consent, we may collect location data received from a GPS-enabled mobile device or other mechanism that you have set up in order to show your location to other Users or provide information, including targeted promotions, to you specific to your geographic locality via the System. If you do not wish to provide us with your location, please disable the location-enabling functionality on your device when prompted by the System. We also collect personal information to improve our user experience and identify areas of development for new features and services. 

2.4 If you provide sensitive information to us for any reason (for example, if you provide us with information about a disability you have), including where this information is requested by us, you consent to us collecting that information and to us using and disclosing that information for the purpose for which you disclosed it to us and as permitted by the Privacy Act and other relevant laws. 

2.5 In addition to the types of personal information identified above, JCI Australia may collect personal information as otherwise permitted or required by law. 

  1. How do we collect your personal information? 

3.1 We usually collect personal information through: 

a) the JCI Australia website; 

b) JCI Australia Slack discussion groups;  

c) registrations for JCI Australia membership and events; 

d) social media;  

e) publicly available sources; 

f) our program partners, including conferences, training providers, universities, university clubs & societies and from students at those universities and university clubs & societies;  

g) third parties (such as from referees, if you apply for a position as an employee or volunteer with JCI Australia).  

3.2 If you do not provide us with the information requested, we may be unable to provide you with access to the member benefit, event or other access sought or we may be unable to process your particular request.   

4,. For what purposes do we collect, use and disclose your personal information? 

4.1 The purposes for which we use and disclose your personal information will depend on the circumstances in which we collect it. Whenever practical we endeavour to inform you why we are collecting your personal information, how we intend to use that information and to whom we intend to disclose it at the time we collect your personal information. 

4.2 We may use or disclose your personal information: 

a) for the purposes for which we collected it (and related purposes which would be reasonably expected by you); 

b) for other purposes to which you have consented; or 

c) as otherwise authorised or required by law. 

4.3 In general we collect, use and disclose your personal information so that we can work together, operate our program and further our mission and objectives. 

4.4 The main purposes for which we collect, use and disclose personal information are as follows: 

a) to process donations; 

b) to maintain contact with our donors; 

c) to recognise the support of our major donors, sponsors, supporters and partners in our publications (however, if requested, we will not display the donor’s details); 

d) to add you to a mailing list or to respond to your request for information (including via the JCI Australia website or via an email you send to us); 

e) to provide you with newsletters, promotional material or other information about JCI Australia and its activities (including by electronic messages such as email or SMS messages); 

f) to monitor, report on and improve our services and program and to conduct research relevant to our services and program; 

g) to monitor and provide feedback on our JCI Australia Members; 

h) to stay in touch with our alumni; 

i) run our programs; 

j) to verify your identity; 

k) to consider an application by you to become a JCI Australia Member; 

l) to consider you for a job at JCI Australia(whether as an employee or contractor or volunteer) or other relationship with us; 

m) to provide goods or services to you or to receive goods or services from you; 

n) to address any issues or complaints that we or you have regarding our relationship; and 

o) to contact you regarding the above, including via electronic messaging such as SMS, email, by mail, by phone or in any other lawful manner. 

4.5 We may also use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of direct marketing to you where: 

a) you have consented to us doing so; or 

b) it is otherwise permitted by law. 

4.6 You can unsubscribe from our direct marketing, or change your contact preferences, by contacting us (see our contact details in section 11 below). 

4.7 If you have agreed to participate in promotional activities regarding us or our program, your name and image may be used by us in promotional materials for the JCI Australia Program. 

5. To whom do we disclose personal information? 

5.1 We may disclose your personal information to third parties in connection with the purposes described in section 4. This may include disclosing your personal information to the following types of third parties: 

a) our contractors (including mailing houses, secretariat services, marketing agencies, insurance providers, website and data hosting providers, cloud storage providers and other IT suppliers); 

b)  other persons who perform services for, or in connection with, us (including for market research); 

c) companies who may use your personal information in order to tailor electronic advertising to you (e.g. on a webpage) in relation to our services; 

d)  our accountants, insurers, lawyers, auditors and other professional advisers; 

e)  any third parties to whom you have directed or permitted us to disclose your personal information (e.g. partners or referees); 

f)  if you are a JCI Australia Member, to conferences and partners that participate or consider participating in the JCI Australia program; 

g) if you are a JCI Australia Member, to airlines and accommodation providers for the purposes of flights and accommodation for conferences; 

h) third parties that require the information for law enforcement or to prevent a serious threat to public safety; and 

i) otherwise as permitted or required by law. 

5.2 JCI Australia will not sell your personal information to any other organisation for that organisation’s unrelated independent use. 

5.3 Where we disclose your personal information to third parties, we will use reasonable efforts to ensure that such third parties only use your personal information as reasonably required for the purpose for which we disclosed it to them and in a manner consistent with the Privacy Act. 

5.4 If you post information to certain public parts of our website, to our social media pages or other digital communication services (e.g. JCI AustraliaSlack, social media), you acknowledge that such information may be available to be viewed by the public. You should use discretion in deciding what information you upload to such sites. 

  1. Security 

6.1 The security of your personal information is important to us. JCI Australia will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. 

6.2 Please notify us immediately if you become aware of any data breach or breach of security by contacting: info@jciaustralia.org.au

  1. Accuracy of Your Personal Information

7.1 We try to maintain your personal information as accurately as reasonably possible.  We rely on the accuracy of personal information as provided to us both directly (by you) and indirectly. 

7.1 We encourage you to contact us if the personal information we hold about you is incorrect or to notify us of a change in your personal information.  Our contact details are set out in section 11 of this Privacy Policy. 

  1. Links, cookies, social media and use of the JCI Australia website 

8.1 The JCI Australia website contains links to other sites.  This Privacy Policy applies to the JCI Australia website and not to any linked sites.  We encourage you to read the privacy policies of each website that collects your personal information. 

8.2 We have made it easier for you to port and share information from social media platforms and websites. Access to these services is dependant of third-party development releases and will vary overtime. The use of connected social media services are utilised at own risk. 

  1. Accessing and correcting your personal information 

9.1 You can access the personal information we have collected, if we have retained it, subject to any exceptions under any relevant law.  An application in writing may be required to access your personal information.  We may require that the person requesting access provide suitable identification and, where permitted by law, we may charge an administration fee for granting access to your personal information. 

9.2 If you become aware that any personal information, we hold about you is incorrect or if you wish to seek access to or update your information, please contact us (see our contact details in section 11 below) or do so within our website or mobile app by accessing your profile. 

  1. Queries, comments and complaints about our handling of personal information 

10. 1 If you have any queries, comments or complaints about our collection, use or disclosure of personal information or if you believe that we have not complied with this Privacy Policy or the Privacy Act, please contact us (see our contact details in section 11 below). 

10. 2 JCI Australiawill take any privacy complaint seriously and any complaint will be assessed by an appropriate person with the aim of resolving any issue in a timely and efficient manner. We request that you cooperate with us during this process and provide us with any relevant information that we may need. 

10. 3 If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our assessment of your complaint, you may wish to contact the Privacy Commissioner (click here for information). 

  1. Contact details 

11.1 If you wish to seek access to or correct or update any personal information we hold about you, or unsubscribe from or change your contact preferences in relation to our direct marketing, you can contact us

11.2 If you wish to make a privacy complaint, make a comment or query about privacy, you can contact us

12. Future Changes   

12. 1 Over time, aspects of our policies may require revision. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of the policy on our website.