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As part of a global family of over 200,000 young leaders, we create positive change at the local and global level through active citizenship.

Want to be part of something bigger? Join us and let’s change the world together.

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What Is JCI?

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

Established in 1915, we are a global network of more than 200,000 active members and over one million alumni.

We are a group of young leaders, aged 18-40, who have a shared goal to create lasting positive change in our communities.

We all have a responsibility to improve the world around us, and as JCI members we proactively search for areas where help is needed.

We then take the initiative to form creative solutions, combining the expertise of local members with help from local and national partners.

what is jci

How Does JCI Work?

Core Elements of of JCI

Building Lasting Relationships

Meeting like-minded people who have a passion for improvement is at the heart of everything we do – it is what makes JCI so effective in changing the world.

Our regular social and networking events will help you make friends for life and establish meaningful, long lasting professional networks.

Self Development

Through local, national and international leadership roles, you’ll widen your business skill set and gain valuable experience which would be otherwise unavailable to young professionals.

You’ll  be offered opportunities to travel internationally and take advantage of regular professional workshops to ensure you’re always improving, gaining new experience, and having new adventures.

Active Citizenship

Improving our local communities and wider society underpins everything we do.

We create innovative and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by communities at home and around the world.

Our initiatives and fundraisers raise awareness and provide much needed relief for those in need.

Who Is JCI Sydney?

Our Board

Anne Schoemaker

Local President

Martin Stojkoski

Vice President

Emory White

Immediate Past President

Luke Aitken

Secretary / Head of Governance

Rochelle Borton

Director, Events & Professional Development

Umang Chauhan

Director, Finance

Tyrone Constantino

Director, Partnerships & International Relations

Melissa Dabinett

Director, Growth & Development

Emerson Lau da Silva

Director, Marketing & Communications

Why Join JCI?

What You'll Gain

JCI Sydney is committed to providing strong career development opportunities that benefit our members and make a positive impact on the community.

Join a vibrant and exciting team to hone your professional skills in a safe environment providing genuine experience to build your CV and improve the community in which you live.

Membership with JCI Sydney provides you:

Access to a number of personal and professional development opportunities

Free or discounted rates to professional development workshops run by JCI Sydney

Opportunities to participate in exciting community impact projects

Opportunities to gain valuable experience that can build your resume and professional skills

Networking opportunities within the local, national and international organisation

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Click here or email us at jcisydneypresident@jciaustralia.org.au