Ten Outstanding Young Persons

Recognising the hard work and effort of young people

TOYP In A Nutshell


The Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Award is a JCI global flagship program, which recognises the hard work and the huge positive changes being made by young people all over the world. Every year, 10 outstanding individuals are honoured with a TOYP Award. By recognising these young people, JCI raises the status of socially responsible leaders in this world.

Since 1983, JCI has honoured nearly 300 individuals from 57 nations. Past TOYP Honourees include such well-known personalities as John F. Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Elvis Presley, Jackie Chan, Wayne Gretzky and many more, all named before the age of 40.

JCI Australia has a proud history of showcasing our Australian honourees on the global stage. Sixteen Australians have been globally recognised as JCI Global TOYP Honourees, 8 of them in the last decade. The most recent recipient was Robert Gillies in 2016 in the category of humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership.

A full list of Australian Global Honourees can be seen below, including Thankyou Group Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Flynn (2014), the Oaktree Foundation Founder and Global Citizen CEO, Hugh Evans (2004) and Zambrero Owner and CEO, Dr. Sam Price.



JCI Australia's national TOYP Program provides a pathway for communities to nominate and outstanding young Australians between the ages of 18 and 40 in the following fields for recognition. National Honourees will have an opportunity to go on and enter the global TOYP Program later in the year on the recommendation of JCI Australia.

Nominate categories:

  • Business, economic, and/or entrepreneurial accomplishment
  • Political, legal, and/or governmental affairs
  • Academic leadership and/or accomplishment
  • Cultural achievement
  • Moral and/or environmental leadership
  • Contribution to children, world peace, and/or human rights
  • Humanitarian and/or voluntary leadership
  • Scientific and/or technological development
  • Personal improvement and/or accomplishment
  • Medical innovation

Key dates:

National nominations open - 11 March 2019
National nominations close - 6 May 2019
Successful national TOYP Honourees announced - by end of July 2019
Global nominations close - 3 June 2019 (selected national nominees to enter the global program)
Successful global TOYP Hpnourees announced - 31 August 2019

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Download JCIA TOYP 2019 Guide and Form

Past National TOYP Honourees



2018 - Andrew Mellody, Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

2018 - Sally Hetherington, Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

2018 - Weh Ming Yeoh, Contribution to Children, World peace, and/or Human Rights

2017 - Abdullahi Alim, Contribution to Children, World peace, and/or Human Rights

2017 - Emma Fulu, Contribution to Children, World peace, and/or Human Rights

2017 - Melissa Abu-Gazalah, Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

2017 - Scot Farquhar, Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment

2016 - Dr. Robert Gilles, Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

2015 - Dr. John van Bockxmeer, Medical Innovation

2014 - Daniel Flynn, Business, Economic and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishments

2014 - Darren Lomman, Scientific and/or Technological Development

2013 - Linh Do, Moral and/or Environmental Leadership

2009 - Leigh Mathews, Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights

2008 - Dr. Sam Prince, Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

2008 - Tania Major, Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs

2005 - Matthew Albert, Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights

2004 - Hugh Evans, Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership

2001 - Moira Therese Kelly, Contribution to Children, World Peace and/or Human Rights

1998 - Janine Shepherd, Personal Improvement and/or Accomplishment

1988 - Marty Gauvin, Scientific and/or Technological Development

1987 - Susan Clasohm, Moral and/or Environmental Leadership

1984 - Lloyd Fourmile, Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs

1984 - Michael Waldock, Political, Legal and/or Governmental Affairs