Developing Leaders

for a Changing World

Who We Are

Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a membership-driven global network of dedicated young leaders, ages 18 to 40. Active in more than 5000 locations across nearly 115 countries, JCI takes its members on a leadership journey, providing an environment for them to develop their true potential through 4 types of actions - training, programs, projects and events - aligned with 4 areas of development opportunity: Business and Entrepreneurship, International Cooperation, Individual Development, and Community Impact.

JCI Australia was founded in 1933 and is represented by 4 Local Organisations: JCI Brisbane, JCI Melbourne, JCI Illawarra and JCI Sydney.

Areas of Opportunity

Fostering Business and Entrepreneurship

Tap into your competitive side and enterprising spirit as a Global Entrepreneur! JCI programs are a chance to showcase what you’ve learned and take your leadership skills to the next level, from public speaking, debating, to entrepreneurial and mentoring programs.

Facilitating International Collaboration

Become a part of our global family and expand your skills as a Global Networker! JCI events are a chance to travel to new places, experience new concepts and become a better leader while meeting other young leaders making a difference all around the world.

Encouraging Individual Development

Get out of your comfort zone, take charge and earn the title of a Global Communicator! We focus on continuous personal improvement to make you a better leader today than you were yesterday. Together with other JCI members, you’ll gain skills beyond what you’ve learned in university or in your career, like self-confidence, entrepreneurship, resilience and cooperation.

Inspiring Community Impact

Use your talents to take action and become Global Changemakers! JCI RISE projects that seek economic and social solutions to complex problems are a unique opportunity to challenge yourself, develop your skills and help shape the future using a proven methodology. JCI members help turn your ideas into reality through active participation to grow economies, businesses and societies.

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