JCI Australia Campaign

In response to the Australian bushfire crisis – we have established two campaigns to raise funds for community and wildlife support in impacted areas. Take a look at the ways you can help!

What Is JCI?

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Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global, non-profit organisation for young people to develop leadership skills, meet inspiring people and make a real impact in local communities.

Who Are JCI?

We are a group of young leaders, aged 18-40, from different backgrounds, cultures and professions.

For over 100 years, JCI members around the world have acted on one shared belief – the improvement of our society and environment is paramount, not just for us but also for future generations.

Areas of Opportunities

JCI is all about learning by doing and taking action in a safe and supported environment.

JCI’s 4 areas of development opportunities – community, individual, business and international – provide our members with endless opportunities to try new things and gain new skills.

What Projects Do You Do?

World Cleanup Day events, educational projects for underprivileged children, mentoring programs to empower young people and many more, JCI members are taking action to improve our local communities.

Together with our partners, JCI members deliver grassroots initiatives to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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