JCI Sydney

JCI Sydney is part of a global network of young professionals, entrepreneurs and university students with the mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

JCI Sydney is about young active citizens creating positive change in business, community, social, individual, and international areas.

Membership Benefits

Being a member of JCI Sydney opens a world of personal and professional opportunities. Our membership entitles you to:

  • FREE access to training, business and social events
  • FREE access to Member-Only online resources for free training and project materials and JCI newsletters
  • Access to Member Only training, social, international and joint venture events such as JCI international conferences and training
  • Take part in leadership roles and committees involved in business, training, social, international or community-related projects.

Projects and Events

JCI Sydney runs monthly networking events, regular training workshops and impactful community projects.

To stay updated and get involved, make sure to connect with JCI Sydney on social media.

The Face of JCI Sydney

2019 Board of Directors

Anne Shoemaker
Local President
Emory White
Immediate Past President
Martin Stojkoski
Vice President
Emerson Lau da Silva
Director, Marketing & Communications
Luke Aitken
Director, Governance
Melissa Dabinett
Director, Growth & Development
Rochelle Borton
Director, Events & Professional Development
Tyrone Constantino
Director, Partnerships & International Relations
Umang Chauhan
Director, Finance