2020 Empower You by JCI Sydney

The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of being adaptable in uncertain circumstances and prompted many to reconsider their careers and skillset.

This is why JCI Sydney is launching Empower You – an exciting new mentoring program designed to connect passionate young professionals with industry leaders who have done it all before. Through one on one sessions and workshops, mentors and mentees will be given the chance to share their knowledge and build their skillsets to ensure they are ready to adapt and thrive.

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Whether you are looking to take your career to the next level or wanting to share your knowledge and invest in our future leaders as a mentor, we want to hear from you – Apply Now via the below link! 

To learn more about our 2020 Empower You mentoring program, download the program information below. 

2020 Empower You for Mentees

2020 Empower You for Mentors

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