Candidates for 2022 National Board

October is the election month as we look into the near future and consider our national leadership team for 2022.

We are very fortunate to have received nominations from amazing individuals who have bravely put their hand up wanting to join the 2022 National Board of JCI Australia. It’s our honour to introduce the candidates to you.

In alphabetical order, please meet the candidates for the 2022 National Board of JCI Australia.

Bailey is a passionate young professional with significant experience in governance settings and Australia’s higher education sector. A graduate of the University of Wollongong (UOW) with a Bachelor of Commerce, Bailey began his career in the not-for-profit UOW Pulse Ltd, where he coordinated activities, events and programs for the over 35,000 students enrolled at the UOW. During this time, Bailey also served on the Board of Directors of UOW Pulse Ltd as a Non-Executive Director, where he gained significant skills in understanding the intricacies of the management of a large organisation. Since then, Bailey has held several roles across the UOW, currently as a High Achievers Recruitment Coordinator, where he provides valued advice to some of Australia’s brightest students.

In 2016, Bailey joined JCI Illawarra as a member, first as a participant of the MentorMe program and in this same year, received the JCI Australia Award of Most Outstanding New Member. Since then, he moved to be an officer to the board, and in the following year took on the role of Director of Projects and Events, where he delivered many programs, including Tea by the Sea with a project team. The following year in 2018, Bailey was elected to the position of President of JCI Illawarra, where he served his Local Organisation and community with great passion and commitment and was able to deliver several positive impact projects for his community alongside his board. In this year, JCI Illawarra was successful in achieving the award of Most Outstanding Local Organisation.

One of Bailey’s JCI Journey highlights was as an attendee of the JCI Global Partnerships Summit in New York City in 2017. Bailey has remained an active member with JCI Illawarra attending many events and programs offered by JCI Illawarra and JCI Australia. To discover more about Bailey, you are welcome to view and connect with his LinkedIn profile at

Anton started with JCI Melbourne in 2017. In 2019, he was elected as a Director on the National Board where he has served for the past 2 years.

Anton has a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University and is the founder/director of Dynamite Digital, Dynamite Print, and Drone Image and Film Australia.

He has a passion for social enterprise which included consulting with startup Humanitix throughout their beginnings. His strengths are in marketing, finance, event planning, and networking.

Anton’s social causes are equality, mental health, animal welfare, sustainability, and education.

Shiva has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, including 9 in a management capacity. He has supported his teams and organisations through growth, acquisitions, restructures, and culture change. Shiva leans on this expertise to manage large teams looking after physiotherapy, wellness, and lifestyle divisions.

Shiva has a wealth of experience in business, developed through leading through successful audits, a royal commission, rolling out new systems and processes which have directly contributed to significant revenue increases and most recently, has implemented innovative strategies to engage teams and deliver services during the global pandemic. Shiva has 12 years of board level experience, including the University of Wollongong Pulse, Australian Physio Association Gerontology board, and SavY.

Shiva co-founded the charitable trust SavY, now entering its 13th year of operation. This charity provides leadership opportunities to university students as they develop the skills and experience to govern the charity and provide young New Zealanders with crucial financial literacy habits.

Shiva is a strong advocate for professional development and continual learning, and has completed further qualifications in leadership, project management and training. In addition, he continues to develop soft skills through participation in opportunities such as the leadership Illawarra program, JCI Illawarra’s Mentor Me Program, the Dale Carnegie Course, JCI ASPAC 2021 and JCI 2021 Academy hosted by Sendai, Japan.

Since joining JCI, Shiva has held positions on the JCI Illawarra board and served the last two years as a JCI Australia National Director. He is an active contributor to National, International and Local initiatives and is passionate about continuing a high level of service to JCI and its members.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, travelling, board games, karaoke and exploring the hidden gems Australia has to offer.

Emerson has always been a very active citizen and involved with community initiatives in his home country, Brazil. He started his career with JCI in 2012 and has been an active member since 2013. His passion and willingness to help soon opened endless opportunities within the organisation.

Locally, Emerson served as a secretary, treasurer, legal counsel and president, besides coordinating various projects and recruiting new members to the organisation.

When Emerson came to Australia in 2018, he soon joined JCI Sydney, and again, embraced all the opportunities that were offered to him, serving as secretary, director and local president.

Emerson currently serves as the 2021 Director of Training and Member Development of JCI Australia and has coordinated key initiatives such as the JCI Australia Knowledge Series and the JCI Tasman Future Leaders Seminar. So far, Emerson has attended 6 National Conventions, 3 World Congresses and various JCI initiatives.

Emerson is an entrepreneur and marketing professional, specialised in strategy and digital marketing, with a masters degree in business administration. Over the years, he taught, coordinated and managed language schools, and eventually started his own business.

With over 13 years of experience in the education industry, he is passionate about providing learning opportunities, unlocking people’s potential and transforming communities positively.